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The department of production performs decentralized functions of the ministry of agriculture animal industry and fisheries premised on the following:


 A competitive, profitable, and sustainable agricultural sector.


To transform subsistence farming to commercial agriculture


To promote & support sustainable & market oriented agricultural production, food security & house hold incomes.

The department has 3 extension staffs who execute duties in agriculture, livestock and fisheries subsectors.

  • Mukisa Abdala Rahman          Agricultural Officer
  • Njuba Denis                           Asst Animal Husbandry Officer
  • Sebidde Yusuf                        Assistant Fisheries Officer



  • Crop protection (pests/diseases surveillance& control)
  • Crop production & marketing.
  • Crop inspection & certification.
  • Farm planning.
  • Soil & water conservation.
  • Water for production.

Animal Husbandry

  • Animal Production
  • Animal Health, (disease control)
  • Entomology
  • Vector Control

Fisheries Resources

  • Aquaculture management & development.
  • Fisheries resource management (natural stocks).
  • Fisheries control, Regulations & Quality assurance.

Achievements in F/Y 2019/2020

  • Extension services to over 500 farmers through advisory services, farms visits and capacity building.


  • Limited funding yet the scope is big
  • Failure by farmers to adhere to urban farming guidelines
  • Heavy rains causing most crops to wither
  • Covid 19 affected farming in terms of production, market prices and inputs.

 Production officer meeting farmers